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Online Separation Anxiety Training For Your Best Buddy

Online Separation Anxiety Training For Your Best Buddy​

Restoring independence for you and your dog

Tired of complaints from the neighbors about excessive barking when you’re at work? Has your dog damaged things in your home or been injured while you’re away? Are you feeling trapped, unable to leave your dog alone?

You are not alone. Many dogs struggle with separation anxiety.

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Does your dog have separation anxiety?

Cannot be crated safely

Panics when home alone

Paces, whines or barks after you leave

Can be destructive when home alone

If your dog displays any or all of these behaviors, they may have separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a panic attack your dog experiences when left home alone. Your dog truly believes that you are never returning. It’s extremely distressing for your dog, and for you.

The good news? Your dog can overcome separation anxiety and learn to feel calm while you’re away. A peaceful solution is possible and our mission is to get you there.

I can’t thank Lynn enough...

“I can’t thank Lynn enough for everything she did for me and Teddy. I spent countless nights awake worried Teddy wasn’t going to get better and if I could live the life of feeling confined to my home. With Lynn’s expertise and patience, Teddy is pretty close to perfect!” – Ashley

How do we get you there?

Our tried-and-tested separation anxiety program is structured to get you the best results. The first step is a free 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your dog and the process, followed by an assessment. Then we hit the ground running with our tailored training package.

Free Phone Consult

A 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your dog and the separation anxiety training process.

Completed questionnaire – this is required prior to consultation
Make a phone appointment

Initial Assessment

A 1-hour live Zoom session to discuss the program and assess your dog’s behavior while you leave the house. Discussion of my observations and next steps.

Complete payment for $200 for initial assessment and book Zoom session

Following the initial assessment, sign the Separation Anxiety Training Agreement to commence training

Separation Anxiety Training Program

Separation Anxiety Foundation Package is $600 (paid prior to start date) and includes:

  • 4 week training package
  • 1-hour Zoom session each week to assess progress
  • 20 custom created daily training sessions that are easy to follow and specifically created for your dog.
  • Daily support via a spreadsheet we share and update following each training session.
  • Peace of mind for you and your dog

Working with Lynn was a fantastic experience!

“Working with Lynn was a fantastic experience. She is professional, responsive and knowledgeable. Most importantly, with focused training she helped us and Atlas substantially improve his ability to stay home alone without lots of anxiety.” – Trevor