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Separation Anxiety Contract

Separation Anxiety Contract

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Your Best Buddy Dog Training, LLC

Lynn Brearey, BS, CPDT-KA, CSAT


Separation Anxiety Training Agreement

This Agreement for Separation Anxiety Training between trainer and client is as follows:


Client agrees/understands:


  1. Your dog must never be left alone during the training process
  2. Use of aversive tools are not accepted as part of this protocol
  3. Some technology is required for this training protocol (ie computer/phone/laptop)
  4. Technology is facilitated by but not provided by the trainer
  5. Each package covers 4 -consecutive weeks of training
  6. Additional packages may be requested in writing to continue training process


Trainer Agreement:


As your dog’s Separation Anxiety Trainer I agree to:


  1. I will provide 4 consecutive weeks of Separation Anxiety Training which includes:
    1. 1 Hour Initial Assessment of your dog ______ via Zoom Session
    2. 4 - One Hour Weekly Zoom Sessions with reassessment of _______
    3. 4 - Custom created Missions per week for 4 consecutive weeks (total of 16)
    4. Google Spreadsheet where Client and Trainer share daily notes & observations
    5. Email check-ins as needed
    6. All training is done remotely via Zoom Sessions

The breakdown of costs are as follows:


Initial Assessment $200 (1 hour Zoom Meeting and Live Assessment of your dog)


4 Weeks of Training $600 (includes 4 - 1 hour meetings / 16 created Missions / Daily Notes)


Total Costs $800 ($600 balance due prior to start of 4 week training package)


The Amount of $200.00 is to be paid prior to the Initial Assessment.

This fee is non-refundable


Separation Anxiety Training Agreement


This agreement for training covers Separation Anxiety only. The trainer makes no guarantee of behavior outcome or change. All materials shared with the client are proprietary and cannot be shared. The trainer is not a medical professional and cannot/will not advise as such.


The client will be responsible for their dog and indemnify and hold the trainer harmless of any and all liabilities.


We agree that all information is confidential (webcam passwords, etc.) We also agree that online sessions can be recorded for educational purposes.

Any/all disputes will be settled by mediation in your city and legal fees are assumed by the client.


The undersigned fully understands and agrees to the stipulations in this contract.