Walk this Way

Wishing for more enjoyable dog walks? No matter the size or the strength of your Best Buddy, he really can learn to walk nicely by your side – and to enjoy doing so. No more embarrassment, frustration, or aching shoulders when you teach your dog to Walk This Way!

1 Session 90 Minutes

Greeting with Manners

Tired of your dog jumping to greet strangers or plowing in to make new dog friends? This workshop will teach your dog to wait to say hello. Your Best Buddy will learn to greet people and fellow dogs on cue and to do so politely, with a proper sniff for dogs and a nice sit for humans. And when it’s not a good time to say hello, she’ll know how to walk on by, happily focused on you.

1 Session 90 Minutes

Really Reliable Recall

Your Best Buddy not coming when called? You’re not alone! Recall is one of the most highly desired and least often accomplished training goals. The good news? A really reliable recall is actually simple to train. It’s just a matter of knowing the rules and practicing them effectively. Your Best Buddy will learn to do just that in our one session recall workshop. Learn fun recall practice games, vital recall tips, and how to win out over distractions to get a quick response from your dog no matter the situation.

1 Session 90 Minutes

All Workshops $50.00

Please note: Dog must be dog-and people-friendly to attend our highly interactive classes. If your dog is uncomfortable around fellow dogs or strangers, please contact me to discuss private sessions to provide your dog a more appropriate platform for training success.