I would highly recommend the training services of Lynn Brearey. We recently adopted a rescue dog, who was having a hard time adapting to new home environment and getting along with our other dog. Behaviors we were seeing included resource guarding with food and toys. Lynn was extremely responsive and able to take control of the situation during her first visit to the house. She was able to teach me how to train our dog in the course of several weeks. After this training we have a dog who is now well adapted and adjusted to her new environment and family. Thank-you so much for your help Lynn!


Lynn is a wonderful dog trainer! My dog Myles is extremely nervous and anxious around new people, so we signed up for Lynn’s canine confidence class. I was surprised how quickly Myles settled down and became more comfortable with his surroundings compared to other training classes we attended in the past. The small class size coupled with Lynn’s calm approach really made a difference for us. Myles was able to focus on the training and not on his surroundings. The class taught us a number of behaviors as well as cues for that I need to look out for to help Myles calm down when he’s triggered. I would gladly recommend Lynn to anyone who was looking for a dog trainer.