Private Training

Best Buddy Home-Schooling

Best Buddy Home-Schooling brings the great behaviors that we work on in Best Buddy Life Skills to you; such as:

  • polite greetings
  • down, stay, and walk this way
  • really reliable recall, coming when called
  • go to place and settle
  • walk away/leave it

As a team, we can work on managing issues in the home such as jumping up on visitors, counter surfing, housetraining and crate training.

Sessions are 60 minutes each and separated by a week or two so you can practice the new behaviors with your Best Buddy.

Three sessions with you and your Best Buddy at a day and time that work for you!

$270 (includes 3 sessions)

Best Buddy Behavior Modification

Is your Best Buddy causing chaos in your home? Is he reactive to people or other dogs on walks? Does your Best Buddy bark at everything? We can work on changing these behaviors so that your house goes back to calm.

Here is a list of some behaviors that together we can modify:

  • Reactive on leash (lunging at dogs or people)
  • Fearful of people, dogs, noises, etc.
  • Barking
  • Growling/biting
  • Resource guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Isolation Distress

All private sessions begin with an initial consult: 1.5 hours $125.00
Sessions can be at your home or at our office.

3 session packages (each 1 hour) follow initial consult. $285.00

Hourly Sessions $100.00