Best Buddy Beginnings Puppy Kindergarten

This 4-week course is the best possible way to get your puppy started on the right paw.

We will work together on:

  • socialization skills while spending some quality bonding time with your puppy in a safe environment
  • you and your puppy will learn how to communicate with each other
  • Puppy classes are kept small, so you and your new best buddy get lots of individual time for questions and concerns.
  • This class is for puppies between 8 weeks and 19 weeks of age.

Class meets for 1 hour weekly for 4 weeks
Next class starts April 5

Best Buddy Life Skills

Designed to build a well-behaved Best Buddy to enjoy at home and take anywhere.

We will work on the basics:

  • walking politely on leash
  • coming when called
  • no jumping on family or visitors
  • settling on your mat
  • waiting at doorways
  • sit, stay, and leaving things that don’t belong to you.

Yep! That’s a big list. By focusing on real-life scenarios, we quickly lay foundations you can build on with your Best Buddy at home with this innovative 6-week skills class.

This class is for dogs 5 months of age and older.

Class meets for 1 hour weekly for 5 weeks

Best Buddy Confidence Class

This class is for dogs that are fearful of certain stimuli. (people, dogs, noises, movement, environment)

These are small classes (3 dogs or less) that meet for 5 classes. The first class is orientation. No dogs permitted at this class.

In class we will learn about:

  • what your dog’s triggers are
  • what fear/anxiety/phobias look like in your dog
  • how to minimize the anxiety in your dog
  • how to build confidence through focusing and relaxation exercises

*This class is not for aggressive dogs, but some dogs that are fearful may show some aggression when fear and anxiety are not managed.

Please contact me to discuss this class prior to registration

Classes and Workshops are held at

Kindred Integrative Veterinary Services (KIVS), 80-B Gravel Pike, Suite 200, Red Hill, PA 18076
Office phone #215-679-3818