Fearful to Fear Free Dog Training

A positive training approach to free your dog from Anxiety, Fear and Phobia.

Fear is an emotion aroused by pain, danger, or some unpleasant situation

  • An example of Fear: My dog was attacked by another dog while at a dog park and now he is fearful of all dogs


Anxiety is the anticipation that something harmful will happen when there is no clear threat present

  • An example of Anxiety: A dog may have anxiety getting into a car because he has gotten motion sick in a car before and expects it could happen again.


Phobia – is a persistent, abnormal, irrational fear of a specific situation or object

  • An example of a Phobia: Thunderstorms, fireworks, and Sirens (loud and abrupt noise) can cause a phobia in some dogs.


Lynn sitting on the floor working with Petey, a fearful dog.

Here are some common dog fears and phobias

  • Visitors
  • Other Dogs
  • New Environments
  • Loud or Abrupt Noises
  • Moving objects like cars and bikes
  • Children

What dogs commonly do when they are fearful or anxious

  • Hide behind you
  • Pace or freeze in place
  • Whine or bark
  • Lunge at dogs or people
  • Growl or show aggression
  • Shutdown

Fearful to Fear Free Training will help you to understand what fear, anxiety and phobias are and how to minimize the triggers that cause these in your dog.

Fearful to Fear Free training will give you the skills to help your dog relax, focus, and build confidence.

Together we can help your dog to go from Fearful to Fear Free. 

Dog Behavior Modification Session Fees

Private sessions can be done online over Zoom or in your home. Choose the option that works best for you below to book your initial appointment.

Prior to your initial session, please complete the Behavioral Intake form so I can be better prepared to discuss your dog’s issues with you.