Dog Behavior Modification Services

Small white chihuahua barking on leash.

Leash Reactive

Does your dog embarrass you at the park by barking and lunging at people or dogs?

Maybe you have started walking your dog in the wee hours of the morning to avoid others.

Or, you may be avoiding walking your dog all together.

I can help you and your dog share great walks again!

French Bulldog laying over food bowl.

Resource Guarding

Some dogs resource guard items from other dogs in the home.

Some dogs resource guard items from their owners

And there are even dogs that resource guard a chair or a person

This is a common occurrence in dogs and with a little management and training I will help you to remedy this situation.

Cairn puppy running to camera.


Was there a time when your dog came running to you when called?

But now, he doesn’t acknowledge you when you call him to come?

If you have a dog that does this, it is worrisome.

You are worried that he may get out of the house and run off.

Let’s get him back on track!

English bulldog with a big yellow ball.

Impulse Control

Jumping on you, barking at everything, counter-surfing or not leaving your other dog or cat alone?

Calm behavior can be taught.

I will teach you to reinforce behaviors you want and stop reinforcing behaviors you don’t want.

We can tackle management of behaviors in your home So that your house returns to normal

A Golden Retriever puppy with muddy paws playing in the mud.

Puppy Proof & Prevention

Puppies can be both cute and frustrating.

Maybe your puppy is using your carpeting for a potty or treating your hands like a chew toy.

Do you wonder about the right amount of exercise and sleep?

Would you like your puppy to travel with you, without worry of commotion around other dogs and people?

Socialization now for a well-rounded dog tomorrow!

Fear & Anxiety

Do you have a dog who is afraid of strangers? New situations? Everything?

Fear-related behaviors can be debilitating and can lead to health complications if left untreated.

Your dog does not need to suffer.

Using classical conditioning I can help your dog move from fearful to a place of comfort and confidence

Dog Behavior Modification Session Fees

Private sessions can be done online over Zoom or in your home. Choose the option that works best for you below to book your initial appointment.

Prior to your initial session, please complete the Behavioral Intake form so I can be better prepared to discuss your dog’s issues with you.