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Online Behavior Training For Your Best Buddy

Online Behavior Training For Your Best Buddy​

Removing stress for you and your dog

At Best Buddy Dog Training we want to help you and your dog live successfully together. Using a positive approach, we teach your fearful or reactive dog new ways to cope, change their emotional response, and increase their confidence.

Our online behavior modification training also teaches you new ways to work with your dog to enjoy walks and entertain visitors without constant worry.

Do you have a reactive dog?

Unpredictable on leash

Lunging and/or barking at other dogs​

Anxious when dogs walk by your house​

Always on guard​

Is your dog fearful or anxious?

Fearful of anything new​

Worried around visitors or strangers​

Growls when unsure​

Hides or withdraws if someone approaches​

If you’re worried about your dog’s responses or embarrassed during your daily walks, a behavior modification session can help. These sessions are run via Zoom and allow us to work together to establish a training plan and create real and lasting results.

Thank you so much for all of your help!

“We adopted our rescue dog, who went through quite an adjustment period settling into his new home. He was too afraid to get into cars and had mouthing issues. Lynn taught us how to train our dog over the course of a few weeks. We can happily say our dog has acclimated well and has become such a big part of our family. Thank you so much for all of your help Lynn!”

Kerri & Carmen Pavone

Dog Behavior Training Fees

One-hour consult: $140

This is a chance to meet, set goals, and make a plan. We’ll discuss the issues you’re experiencing and you’ll get a taste of what an online training session involves.

This is a required consult prior to booking a training package.

Training Packages

Package of 3 x one-hour sessions: $420

Package of 4 x one-hour sessions: $540

Package of 5 x one-hour sessions: $675

Ready to help your dog shine?

Everything went great!

“I was searching for a trainer to help with my rescue dog who is reactive towards men and bigger sized dogs. We worked with Lynn for a few weeks, and she taught us several new techniques to work with and noticed a big change in Gunner. We are now able to take him anywhere without him barking or wanting to chase off bigger dogs. Shortly after we took our dogs on vacation and everything went great!” –Joanna

Unsure if we can help with a specific behavior issue?

Get in touch to find out.